How to make a good homemade wine

"Cómo hacer un buen vino casero"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Interested in making your own wine at home? Check if you are ready for it!

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "homemade", "winemaker", "yeast (for beer, wine)", "maceration", "tannin", "pHmeter" and "stopper (cork, bung: for a bottle)".

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Making homemade wine is possible, and you don't have to be a super expert oenologist to do so. First of all, it is important that you choose the ingredients well that you will use in any good homemade wine recipe, that is to say, the grapes and the yeast; the latter is added to kill bacteria. Do not forget that the maceration process is decisive for the extraction of aromas, tannins and color; and it has to be produced in an environment without any change in temperature. Also, you will need some wine accessories when you make this artisan drink, such as for example, a pH meter, several glass bottles, natural cork stoppers, etc. With all these tips, you will become the king of wine.

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