Coffee in the morning

Spanish B1 writing exercise

Café por la mañana

Mar really enjoys having a coffee in the morning. In this exercise you'll practise El Presente de Subjuntivo, relatives, how to say "the most", and the difference between accentuated vs. non-accentuated specific words.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "pleasant (enjoyable)", "arabica & robusta (types of coffee)", and "caffeine".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into Spanish

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For me, one of the simplest pleasures in life there is, is the pleasant smell of coffee in the morning, especially if it is of high quality. When I wake up, I can smell this aroma coming from the kitchen. My husband is in charge of preparing it every morning, before going to work. Since we are both very fond of coffee, we have a great variety of coffee at home: arabica, robusta, etc. However, we avoid drinking the one that is too strong due to its high caffeine content, because we like to sleep well at night and not stay awake.