Moisturising my skin

"Hidratando mi piel"
Spanish B1 writing exercise

Pedro takes good care of his skin.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "skin", "shaving (beard)", "moisturising", "to take someone seriously" and "to be proud".

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I hope my wife comes back from the perfumery soon, she promised to bring me an incredible moisturiser that leaves skin very soft and smooth after daily shaving. I want to use it because I have dry skin and I need a dose of intense moisturising. She laughs at me often when I say to her that I want to take care of myself and be more handsome for her. Why doesn't she take me seriously? I don't think she does it to be mean, but she should be proud of me because I love to trim my beard (in order) to look better.

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