The invention of photography

Spanish B2 writing exercise

La invención de la fotografía

Learn about the history of photography. In this exercise you'll practise impersonal sentences, the passive voice, idiomatic expressions with verb "continuar", and infinitives after prepositions.

Pay attention to the hints! Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "invention", "revolution", "to evolve (to develop)", "unsuspected", "to conceive (to think up)" and "memories (souvenirs)".

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This morning I read a very interesting article about the invention of photography. The first photographic procedure was invented by Niépce in 1824. After his death in 1833, Daguerre continued working and invented the development procedure. This was considered a real revolution in the world of the arts. Since then, photography has evolved until it has reached unimagined limits and many people cannot imagine life without it. It is said that the best memories are those who are not photographed, but it is known that nowadays this assertion is much disputed.