My friend Jimena

"Mi amiga Jimena"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Sonia went to the hospital yesterday to visit her friend Jimena.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "courage", "to donate (money)" and "to overcome".

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Yesterday I was visiting my friend Jimena. She is the best example of courage that I have ever met till now. Although she has a rare disease, she never loses her smile. Doctors say she has made a lot of progress and that this is inexplicable. I do understand it. Having a good attitude really helps and (it) affects physical and mental health. Tomorrow there will be a collection at the hospital (in order) to raise funds for this disease. I will donate 200 euros so they can continue assisting Jimena. I am sure that she will overcome her disease and (she) will lead a normal life.

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