My list for 2023

"Mi lista para 2023"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Andrea tells us about her objectives for 2023.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "first thing", "second thing", "to get in shape", "third thing" and "to get in shape".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into Spanish

  • I’ll show you where you make mistakes
  • I’ll keep track of what you need to practise
  • Change my choices if you want
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Are you one of those who work with lists? I do, and that's why I have already prepared mine for 2023. The more I think about it, the more I find it useful to have a list. The first thing I would like to do is to learn a new language. What if I study Italian? The second thing, is to get in shape, that is, practice some sport. Since I'm a bit lazy I will motivate myself by going to group classes. Third, stop smoking. I would love to never do it again! With some effort I am sure that I will achieve all my goals.

Let me take a look at that...