Elegy, by Miguel Hernández

Spanish B1 writing exercise

Elegía, de Miguel Hernández

Discover a famous poem by Miguel Hernández. In this exercise you'll practise past tenses, relatives and past participles as adjectives.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a year earlier", "loss", "success" and "sales (relating to sales)".

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Miguel Hernández was a wonderful Spanish poet who wrote "Elegy" in 1936, when the Spanish Civil War began. It is a very heartfelt poem dedicated to the memory of his friend Ramón Sijé, who had passed away a year earlier. The two had been friends since childhood and the news of his death meant a heavy blow to Miguel. In the verses of the poem, the sincere pain is shown accompanied by a very intimate tone for the loss of his friend. In 1972, Serrat transformed this poem into a song to remember Hernández and it was a best seller.

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