Shall we take a selfie?

"¿Nos hacemos un selfie?"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

What are selfies useful for?

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to take a photo", "to develop (photos)", "roll of film", "selfie", "keyword", "oneself", "to post (on the internet)", "to perpetuate", "to have to do", "egocentrism" and "to humanize".

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Who would have thought twenty years ago that a mobile phone could take photographs as well? I still remember when we had to develop rolls of film and there wasn't any possibility of seeing if the photo had turned out well or badly beforehand. For many people, the word selfie has become the keyword of recent years for new technologies. A selfie is a photo of oneself that is usually taken with a mobile phone and is posted on social networks. But, why do we take selfies of ourselves? Some "authors" see them as a way to perpetuate the present and the past that has nothing to do with egotism. Others think that selfies are a way to humanize technology. I don't think that selfies are bad if they are used correctly.

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