Personal "a" verbs in Spanish

A list of common verbs that need the preposition "a" when the direct object is a person

Spanish vocabulary

ayudar a to help (someone)
acercarse a to approach (someone)
buscar a to look for (someone)
conocer a to know (someone)
dirigirse a to address (someone)
echar la culpa a to blame (someone)
entender a to understand (someone)
escuchar a to listen to (someone)
esperar a to wait for (someone)
fotografiar a to photograph (someone)
invitar a to invite (someone)
llamar a to call (someone)
oír a to hear (someone)
parecerse a to look like (someone)
querer a to love (someone)
recordar a to remember (someone)
responder a to answer (someone)
sorprender a to surprise (someone)
temer a to fear (someone)
ver a to see (someone)
visitar a to visit (someone)
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