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Adverbs of place

Adverbios de lugar

Spanish vocabulary

abajo down, downwards
acá here, over here
adelante forwards, to the front
adentro in, inside
afuera out, outside
ahí there
al lado (de) beside, next to
allá there, over there
allí there, over there
alrededor surrounding, around
aquí here, over here
arriba above, up
atrás behind, back
a través across, through
cerca near, close
debajo (de) under, underneath
delante (de) in front of
dentro (de) in, inside
detrás (de) behind
encima (de) on top of, over, above
enfrente (de) opposite, facing
frente (a) in front, facing
fuera (de) out, outside
lejos (de) far, far away
sobre on, over, above
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