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Numbers from 100 to 5000

Spanish numbers from 100 to 5000

Spanish vocabulary

cien one hundred
ciento uno a hundred and one
ciento dos a hundred and two
ciento tres a hundred and three
doscientos two hundred
doscientos uno two hundred and one
doscientos dos two hundred and two
doscientos tres two hundred and three
trescientos three hundred
trescientos uno three hundred and one
trescientos dos three hundred and two
trescientos tres three hundred and three
cuatrocientos four hundred
cuatrocientos uno four hundred and one
cuatrocientos dos four hundred and two
cuatrocientos tres four hundred and three
cuatrocientos trece four hundred and thirteen
quinientos five hundred
seiscientos six hundred
setecientos seven hundred
ochocientos eight hundred
novecientos nine hundred
mil one thousand
dos mil two thousand
tres mil three thousand
cuatro mil four thousand
cinco mil five thousand
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