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List of Spanish regular verbs in the future and conditional

A list of Spanish regular verbs in El Futuro and El Condicional Simple

Spanish vocabulary

sé (ser) be
estar to be
hablar to speak
trabajar to work
comer to eat
beber to drink
deber must
vivir to live
cocinar to cook
jugué (jugar) I played
estudiar to study
pintar to paint
aprender to learn
comprender to understand
mover to move [something]
decidir to decide
sufrir to suffer
ducharse   to have a shower
acabar   to finish
ayudar to help
visitar   to visit
preguntar to ask
necesitar to need
romper to break
vender to sell
abrir to open
asistir to attend
subir   to go up / rise
permitir to permit
I'll be right with you...