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Most common Irregular verbs in Spanish

An A1 list of Spanish irregular verbs

Spanish vocabulary

abrir to open
alcanzar to reach
andar to walk
aparecer to show up
buscar to look for
caber to fit
caer to fall
comenzar to start
conducir to drive
conocer to know
conseguir to get
construir to build
contar to tell
convertirse to turn into
creer to think
dar to give
decir to say
dirigir to lead
empezar to start
encontrar to find
entender to understand
escribir to write
estar to be
explicar to explain
haber to have (auxiliary)
hacer to do
huir to run away
introducir to introduce
ir to go
jugar to play
leer to read
llegar to arrive
mantener to maintain
morir to die
nacer to be born
ofrecer to offer
oir to hear
pagar to pay
parecer to seem
pedir to ask
pensar to think
perder to lose
poner to put
preferir to prefer
producir to produce
querer to want
recordar to remember
reconocer to recognize
saber to know
sacar to remove/to extract/to pull out
salir to go out
seguir to continue
sentarse to sit down
sentir to feel
ser to be
servir to be useful
suponer to suppose
tocar to touch
traducir to translate
traer to bring
utilizar to use
venir to come
ver to see
volver to come back
I'll be right with you...