-gar Spanish verbs in El Pretérito Indefinido

Spanish verbs that end in -gar change g to gu in the yo form in El Pretérito Indefinido


Apagué (apagar) I switched off
Agregué (agregar) I added
Ahogué (ahogar) I drowned
Cabalgué (cabalgar) I rode (on a horse)
Cargué (cargar) I carried
Cargué (cargar) I charged
Colgué (colgar) I hanged
Delegué (delegar) I delegated
Descargué (descargar) I unloaded
Dialogué (dialogar) I talked
Divulgué (divulgué) I disclosed
Encargué (encargar) I ordered
Entregué (entregar) I delivered
Fregué (fregar) I scrubbed
Investigué (investigar) I investigated
Interrogué (interrogar) I interrogated
Jugué (jugar) I played
Llegué (llegar) I arrived
Ligué (ligar) I flirted
Madrugué (madrugar) I got up early
Mendigué (mendigar) I begged (in the street)
Navegué (navegar) I navigated
Negué (negar) I denied
Pagué (pagar) I paid
Prolongué (prolongar) I extended
Rogué (rogar) I begged
Tragué (tragar) I swallowed

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