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Verb list: -car verbs that c > qu in El Presente de Subjuntivo

-car verbs change c > qu in presente subjuntivo for all forms


aparqué (aparcar) I parked
arranqué (arrancar) I pulled out [something]/I started [vehicle]
rasqué (rascar) I scratched
ataqué (atacar) I attacked
busqué (buscar) I looked for
clasifiqué (clasificar) I classified
compliqué (complicar) I complicated [something]
convoqué (convocar) I convened/announced
dediqué (dedicar) I dedicated
destaqué (destacar) I highlighted
me equivoqué (equivocarse) I was wrong
expliqué (explicar) I explained
falsifiqué (falsificar) I falsified
identifiqué (identificar) I identified
indiqué (indicar) I indicated
modifiqué (modificar) I modified
remolqué (remolcar) I towed
repliqué (replicar) I retorted/answered back
ronqué (roncar) I snored
saqué (sacar) I took out
saqué (sacar) I removed/extracted/pulled out
sequé (secar) I dried
supliqué (suplicar) I begged

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