List of Spanish regular -ar verbs in the present tense

A list of Spanish regular -ar verbs in El Presente

Spanish vocabulary

amar to love
ayudar to help
adorar to adore
bailar to dance
cantar to sing
cenar to have dinner
cocinar to cook
cuidar to care
decorar to decorate
desayunar to have breakfast
dibujar to draw
estudiar to study
hablar to speak
llamar to call
lanzar to throw
lanzar to launch
llegué (llegar) I arrived
llenar to fill up
llevar to carry
llevar to wear
llevar to take
limpiar to clean
matar to kill
mirar to look
nadar to swim
odiar to hate
olvidar to forget
practicar to practice
planchar to iron
pintar to paint
tomar to take
tomar to drink
trabajar to work
viajar to travel
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