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List of Spanish irregular gerunds/present participles of the form -yendo

A list of irregular gerund/present participle forms in Spanish that have the form -yendo

Spanish vocabulary

cayendo (caer) falling
concluyendo (concluir) concluding
constituyendo (constituir) constituting
construyendo (construir) building
creyendo (creer) believing
destruyendo (destruir) destroying
disminuyendo (disminuir) reducing
distribuyendo (distribuir) distributing
excluyendo (excluir) excluding
huyendo (huir) fleeing
leyendo (leer) reading
obstruyendo (obstruir) obstructing
oyendo (oír) hearing
sustituyendo (sustituir) substituting
trayendo (traer) bringing
yendo (ir) going
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