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List of expressions using the verb tirar(se) in Spanish

A list of useful expressions with the Spanish verb tirar

Spanish vocabulary

tirar la pelota to throw the ball
tirar la toalla to give up
tirar la chamba (LatAm) to quit, leave the job
tirar de algo to pull something
tirar algo a la basura to throw something in the trash
tirarse en el sofá to lie on the sofa
tirarse a alguien to have sex with someone
tirarse un pedo to fart
tirar fotos (Spain) to take photos
tirar algo por la borda to waste an opportunity
tirar de la cadena to flush the toilet
tirar la casa por la ventana to spare no expense
tirar a matar to heavily criticise somebody
tirar por la borda to waste
tirar al tacho (LatAm) to throw away, discard
tirar millas to leave
tirar la mala onda (LatAm) to be negative about something, transmit negative energy
tirar al piso/ por el piso (LatAm) to discredit something or somebody
tirar de la soga (LatAm) to compete with somebody
tirar la caja (LatAm) to speak without actually saying much
tirarle los tejos a alguien (Spain) to hit on somebody (flirt)
tirarle onda a alguien (LatAm) to flirt in a subtle way
tirarle de la lengua a alguien to make somebody talk (interrogation)
tirarle flores a alguien (LatAm) to praise somebody
tirarse los trastos a la cabeza (Spain) to be at each other's throats
ir tirando to get by, to manage
tirarse a la piscina to throw caution to the wind
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