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Feria de Abril de Sevilla vocabulary in Spanish

List of useful Spanish words when going to the April fair in Seville

Spanish vocabulary

la Feria de Abril April fair (in Seville)
la portada main April fair entrance
el Real de la Feria site where the April fair takes place
el alumbrao (from "alumbrado") turning on the lights of the main April fair entrance
la cena del pescaíto traditional dinner where fish is served at the very beginning of the Feria
el pescaíto frito fried fish
la caseta covered stall in the Seville fair
el farolillo typical Feria paper lantern decoration
el tablao wooden stage for flamenco
la calle del Infierno a street in the April fair with rides
los cacharritos rides in the April fair
el fino sherry
la manzanilla manzanilla sherry wine
el rebujito typical carbonated April fair drink with sherry and lemon
el jamón cured ham
el cantaor flamenco singer (male)
la cantaora flamenco singer (female)
el guitarrista guitar player (male)
la guitarrista guitar player (female)
bailar sevillanas to dance sevillanas (flamenco type dance for the April fair)
tocar las palmas hand-clapping
el paseo de caballos April fair horse parade
el coche de caballos horse carriage
el vestido de flamenca flamenco dress
los volantes frills on the flamenco dress
vestirse de flamenca to wear a flamenco dress
el mantoncillo shawl (used with flamenco dress)
el abanico fan
vestirse de corto to wear the men's flamenco suit
los fuegos artificiales fireworks