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Relatives and extended family in Spanish

An essential list about family members

Spanish vocabulary

el padre father
la madre mother
el hijo son
la hija daughter
la hermana sister
el hermano brother
el primo male cousin
la prima female cousin
el abuelo grandfather
la abuela grandmother
el tío uncle
la tía aunt
el sobrino nephew
la sobrina niece
el cuñado brother-in-law
la cuñada sister-in-law
el suegro father-in-law
la suegra mother-in-law
el yerno son-in-law
la nuera daughter-in-law
el marido husband
la mujer wife
el esposo male spouse
la esposa female spouse
el nieto grandson
la nieta granddaughter
el bisabuelo great-grandfather
la bisabuela great-grandmother
el tío abuelo great uncle
la tía abuela great aunt
el tatarabuelo great-great-grandfather
la tatarabuela great-great-grandmother
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