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Words related to the chemist's in Spanish

Useful vocabulary to use at the chemist's in Spanish

Spanish vocabulary

una farmacia a pharmacy / chemist
un farmacéutico, una farmacéutica a pharmacist
las medicinas medicines
los medicamentos medicines
una mascarilla a mask
gel desinfectante de manos (Spain) hand sanitizer
gel antibacterial (LatAm) hand sanitizer
gel sanitizante (LatAm) hand sanitizer
paracetamol paracetamol
ibuprofeno ibuprofen
unas tiritas (Spain) plasters / band-aid
unas curitas (LatAm) plasters / band-aid
un lote a batch
una botella a bottle
¿Cuánto es? how much is it?
la higiene hygiene
Me hace falta I need (1 item)
Me hacen falta I need (+1 items)
¿Algo más? anything else?
un descuento a discount
alcohol alcohol
tarjeta card
aquí tiene here is
una receta a prescription
Getting that for you now...