Verbs with prepositions

A list of verbs with prepositions in Spanish


Acercarse a To approach
Acordarse de To remember to
Acostumbrarse a To get used to
Alegrarse de To be happy to/ about
Amenazar con To threaten with
Arrepentirse de To regret
Ayudar a To help
Burlarse de To make fun of
Comenzar con To begin with
Comenzar por To begin with/by
Confiar en To trust/to trust in
Consistir en To consist of
Contar con To rely on
Cuidar a To take care of
Dejar de To stop
Despedirse de To say goodbye to
Disculparse por To apologize for
Dudar en To hesitate to
Esforzarse por To struggle to/ to do your best
Estar por To be in favor of
Hacer bien en To be right to/ in doing something
Insistir en To insist on
Llamar a To call
Optar por To opt for
Preocuparse de To be worried about
Quedar en To agree to
Resistirse a To resist
SoƱar con To dream about
Tener que ver con To concern/ to have to do with
Tratar de To try/ to attempt

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