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Spanish adverbials of manner

A comprehensive list of adverbial expressions of manner in Spanish

Spanish vocabulary

a brazo partido at arm's length
a duras penas hardly
a trancas y barrancas in fits and starts
a voces out loud, loudly
a capas layered (hair)
a fondo thoroughly
a oscuras in the dark
a la perfección perfectly
a la francesa in the French style
a la marinera (cocina) à la marinière
a lo loco quickly, without thinking
a lo grande on a large scale
a lo tonto awkwardly, inadvertently
al revés upside down
al derecho right way up
con el corazón en la mano with heart in hand
con mucho gusto with pleasure
cuerpo a cuerpo hand to hand, close combat
de frente head on, frankly
de par en par totally
de punta en blanco all dressed up (smart)
en rigor strictly speaking, really
mano sobre mano twiddling one's thumbs, doing nothing
por fuerza necessarily
por todo lo alto in style, no expense spared
punto por punto point by point, in detail
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