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Shopping in Spanish- Clothes

A selection of useful basic vocabulary and phrases related to shopping for clothes items in Spanish

Spanish vocabulary

pagué (pagar) I paid
pagar en efectivo to pay (with) cash
pagar con tarjeta to pay by card
ir de compras to go shopping
comprar to buy
vender to sell
la talla size
la talla pequeña small (size)
la talla mediana medium (size)
la talla grande large (size)
otra talla another size
probar to try on
los probadores the changing rooms
el dependiente/la dependienta the sales assistant
el vendedor/la vendedora the sales assistant
el cliente/la clienta the client
la caja the till / register
la cola the queue / line
bonito/bonita pretty
feo/fea ugly
caro/cara expensive
barato/barata cheap
una camisa a shirt
una camiseta a t-shirt
unos pantalones trousers / US: pants
una falda a skirt
un vestido a dress
unos zapatos some shoes
un bolso a handbag
me queda bien it fits me/suits me
me queda mal it doesn't fit me/suit me
me lo llevo I am taking it
¿cuánto cuesta? how much does it cost?
¿cuánto vale? how much does it cost?
cuesta... it costs...
vale... it costs...
color colour
número de zapato/número de pie shoe size
prefiero... I prefer...
el ascensor the lift/elevator
un descuento a discount
una oferta an offer
las rebajas the sales
Let me take a look at that...