Las posadas

Spanish online reading and listening practice - level C1

Learn about these traditional Christmas parties that are celebrated throughout Latin America from the 16th till the 24th of December. The word posadas has come to mean these Christmas parties, but "la posada" means "hospitality, accommodation" and also, notably, "inn" - just like the stable of the inn where there was "no room" in the Christmas story.

This reading and listening exercise can help you practise the pasiva refleja and El Imperfecto vs El indefinido.

The man in this video speaks pretty fast! If you would like to slow down his speech, click the cog symbol below the video, then choose speed > 0.75. We don't recommend making it any slower or it will actually be more difficult to understand as his speech will become distorted.

Exercise: Las posadas

Watch the video, then read the transcript. Click any phrase for the translation and links to related grammar lessons which you can add to your Kwiziq notebook to practise later.

Click any word in the text to see its translation and related grammar lessons.

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