Micro kwiz: Spanish si clauses

. Skip any questions if you're unsure.
  1. 1
    Si bebes mucho café, no ___ esta noche. (If you drink lots of coffee, you won't sleep tonight.) [one, some or all may be correct]:
  2. 2
    Si usted busca bien entre los cajones, lo ___. (If you look carefully in the drawers, you will find it.) [one, some or all may be correct]:
  3. 3
    , no pruebes ese pastel. (If you are allergic to walnuts, don't try this cake.)
  4. 4
    Si mi hermano viene hoy,
    . (If my brother comes today, don't let him smoke.)
  5. 5
    Si tú ___ más aventurera, vendrías con nosotros a Colombia. (If you were more adventurous, you would come with us to Colombia.) [one, some or all may be correct]:
  6. 6
    How would you say "If I slept more, I would work more efficiently." ? [one, some or all may be correct]:
  7. 7
    más atento con ella, María no se habría ido. (If you had been more polite with her, María wouldn't have left.)
  8. 8
    Si no hubieran insistido tanto yo no los
    a cenar. (If they hadn't insisted so much I wouldn't have invited them for dinner.)
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