Manage classes and groups of students

Kwiziq's Studygroups allow you to organise and teach groups of students with full Kwiziq A.I. support.

Becoming a Studygroup coordinator is on request, so if you would like to try it, ask to become a Studygroup Coordinator.

Studygroups are great for teachers and tutors, but you don't have to be a teacher to coordinate a Studygroup. They're great for social study too, so even if you have a different teacher to your friends, or no teacher at all, it can be fun and motivating to get a group together.

Studygroup Dashboard: View and Create Studygroups

Once you have joined a Studygroup or been set up as a Studygroup Coordinator then you'll be able to navigate to the Group Dashboard.  Here you can see and manage all of the groups that you belong to or coordinate. If you're a Coordinator, you can also create new Studygroups here.  

The StudyGroup Dashboard lets you see and manage all the StudyGroups you coordinate and belong to

View a Studygroup

The group view shows aggregate statistics for students in the group as well as individual progress.  This is also where you can invite students to join a group.  There's no limit to a group's size but it may be practical for you to use small groups.  A group can be any set of students, and a student can be a member of more than one group.  Studygroups are just arbitrary sets of students.  

The StudyGroup view shows all the students and their progress on one page

Invite Students to a Studygroup

You can invite students to join a Studygroup by email.  If they're not already a registered user, they'll be invited to register first.  If they are already a Kwiziq user, they'll be able to join your Studygroup with a simple click.  You can see who has accepted and manage pending invitations.

You can invite students by email.

View a Student

To see how an individual student is progressing, click their report. You'll be able to see their overall timeline and drill into their level reports to see what they're struggling with, and their strengths and weaknesses.  Their current Studyplan is also shown along with details of their tests, including their test results, so you can even see down to the finest detail of what answers they've been getting right and wrong.

A student report shows their overall progress, their current studyplan and test history as well as links to detailed level reports,

Studygroups Homework

You can assign homework to your students by creating Studylists in the form of Notebooks. With a Premium account, you can create separate Notebooks for each class, topic, date, lesson, or any other theme you choose - learn more.

If you have ideas for features that you'd like to see here, or in any aspect of the system, tell us what features you want.

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