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Spanish Writing Challenges

Test your Spanish writing skills with self-scoring exercises

Kwizzes focus on individual aspects of Spanish grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, but how do you pull them all together into real language? Kwizbot has the answer in the form of translation exercises. These awesome weekly Writing Challenges, one for each CEFR level, put your Spanish to the test in new and interesting ways. Here's how they work.

First, you are presented with a text broken into individual phrases.

Spanish writing challenge

Translate and click "submit," then Kwizbot will offer corrections and one or more translations that you can compare to your own. Choose a score for your translation and submit to go on to the next question.

Spanish translation

At the end, you'll see your total score, a link to a studylist of the grammar used throughout the challenge, and a "play" link so that you can listen to the full text.

Spanish writing challenges

Every week, we offer Premium subscribers a mixed set of writing challenges and dictation exercises at different levels. Don't miss out on this feature - upgrade now!