Gift Vouchers

How to purchase and redeem a Progress with Lawless Spanish Gift Voucher

Progress with Lawless Spanish is pleased to offer Gift Vouchers for Premium access. Give your favorite Francophile the gift of unlimited kwizzes and other Premium options to help them obtain Spanish fluency!

How do I purchase a Gift Voucher?

Go to Buy a Voucher and choose a term, then follow the instructions for payment and giftee details, including any message you'd like to include on the certificate.

How long is the subscription?

We offer one-year and two-year Gift Vouchers.

Does it automatically renew?

No. Unlike self-purchased subscriptions, Gift Vouchers do not automatically renew. At the end of the term, the giftee will have the option to renew the subscription at their own expense or revert to a free account.

What happens after I purchase a Gift Voucher?

You'll receive an email with your purchase information and a lovely PDF certificate, which you can print and include in a birthday card, for example. Or you can just provide your giftee with the Redeem Voucher link and code.

Will my giftee receive a notification from Progress with Lawless Spanish?

No, we don't ask for that person's contact information, so it's up to you to let them know about their gift whenever and however you choose.

Can I buy a Gift Voucher for myself?

Technically yes, but it's easier to just upgrade your account.

Any other questions?

Please write to support.

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