Philip S said about Kwiziq in April 2021

(Thanks Philip!)

“I am so impressed with your site and its design. I have taken two college courses in Spanish over the last two years - Spanish with Paul which was pretty good, and BaseLang for two months which I have mixed feelings about - but your site impresses me the most and is cheaper. You offer so many options for learning, at my own time and pacing. You explain things well with good examples. I find your teachers to be excellent and intelligent!!!! Your site maps where I am at very well, and it's easy to get started when I pause. Kudos to all of you for such a thorough site for learning. I may go back to live conversation, but with your extraordinary site I can return to conversation at a much higher level. Your site flows seamlessly when I go from one place to another. Please thank your software team for near perfection! I couldn't design a better user experience! WOW!!!!" 

- Philip Stein
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