Lindie R said about Kwiziq in November 2016

(Thanks Lindie!)

I am sorry to gush about Kwiziq, but my husband and my mother are sick of hearing about it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kwiziq! It is perfect for me - I have huge gaps because I am self-taught. My circumlocution abilities are excellent and I have a good accent but Kwiziq isn’t fooled. It finds my gaps and drills them, which is what I desperately need. Kwiziq placed me in B1 and I was in B2 within a day. I’m going back through starting at A0 and working up. With other programs, this is PAINFUL. Duolingo was slow and agonizing - a huge waste of my time. With Kwiziq, I can go through the lower levels painlessly because it breezes me through the things I already know.

- Lindie Rachael
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