Spanish slang for everyday life in Spain

A list of useful words for everyday life

Spanish vocabulary

¡guay! cool!
vale all right, OK
¡qué fuerte! that's crazy!
¡qué chulo! how cool!
¡qué pasada! how cool!
¡es la leche! it's great!
¡estoy flipando! I can't believe it!
¡qué mono! how cute!
¡joder! screw it/that! [essentially a less vulgar F word in Spanish]
es cutre it's bad quality / cheap / dirty
un puente a long weekend that includes a public holiday
currar to work
ir de tapeo to go for tapas
ir de terraceo to go to a bar/café and sit on the terrace
liarse to return home late at night
tío, tía mate (UK), buddy (US), dude [lit: uncle, aunt]
un guiri, una guiri a tourist
cabrearse to get angry
cuesta 40 pavos it costs 40 euros
la pasta money
porfa please
ir a tu bola to do your own thing
los chavales young people
mala pata bad luck
molar to like/think something is great
I'll be right with you...